Manage your networks
from any device

SaaS software without
the need of initial investments

More information
More control
More planning

Capture information
from field teams

What is Ingrid in a nutshell

Ingrid is an application in the cloud, developed especially to model and geographically manage all the company’s networks, physical or virtual, in a same single device.

It goes completely beyond the classical and conventional concept of GIS (Geographic Information Systems).

Company App

This product, can be applied to a great variety of industries, networks and services.

Power Distribution
Gas Distribution
Internet through air
Water and sewage
Multi-Service Companies

It incorporates both
Google Maps and
Street View

It allows you to edit and visualize dynamic network models and geo-referenced objects.

Compute objects, calculate indicators and draw historical progress graphs.

Intuitive user interface and high speed performance

It has an extremely high speed which allows user to have all needed information available within milliseconds.

It runs in the cloud in Software mode as a Service (SaaS) platform.

It does not any require investments for its implementation (hardware or licenses).

It´s intuitive and friendly, users with a simple training can use it.

Compute objects, calculate indicators and draw historical progress graphs

Ingrid’s data structure takes into account the time axis, providing all historical information from the network’s topology as from all its components (factories, networks, equipment, connections and clients, etc.). It makes calculations and calculates indicators and its progress.

This strategically distinctive functionality transforms Ingrid into a very powerful management tool, by correlating each data, variable and historical event of each network component with its geography.

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