High performance in the cloud

Hosted in the Google Cloud, it is an application that consolidates technological evolution in the management of very high volumes of information, providing answers in just milliseconds.

Mobile and desktop devices

Ingrid can be operated from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), as well as from desktop computers.

Georeferenced objects

It allows georeferencing various types of objects, either preconfigured (standard configuration) or defined according to requirement of the industry or operation.

Network model and topology

It allows modeling and providing topology to networks, physically or logically relating objects, allowing the corresponding analysis of networks and their elements.

Networks analysis

Allows downstream and path to source analysis from a selected object in all typees of networks. Identifies and computes each of the connected object types, allowing each of them to be identified. For example, showing the detail of clients affected by a failure occurred in some element of the network.

Google Maps Cartography & Street View

It uses the source of Google Maps cartography with ease, giving real context to the network or georeferenced objects. It automatically incorporates;street view photos to those objects for which their location is available for this Google service.

Historic information

In Ingrid, each object and its related data incorporates two additional coordinates to the geographic coordinates: start time and end time. In this way, Ingrid offers the possibility of accessing historical information online, allowing the analysis of historical evolution of both the network topology and its information in a matter of seconds.

Compute objects, metrics and indicators

Ingrid allows you to count objects (by object type) existing in a specified area or on a network line (for example,downstream of a specific object). It performs the calculation of metrics and indicators as a combination of variables related to the objects. The availability of historical information allows the analysis of its evolution over time.

Flexible permission matrix

It allows defining various access profiles for both editing and viewing, applied to different levels of data (layer or type of network, area or data sheet of an object).

Interfaces with other systems

In the corresponding product version, Ingrid allows relationships/links with other systems, such as Scada, billing,network monitoring, etc. In these cases, Ingrid becomes a platform where relevant operational or management information is consolidated and that allows its georeferenced, current and historical analysis.

Posting of images and news

It allows you to input news, images (for example, photos of the evolution of a work/construction or maintenance) and files related to an object, and that ensures that all Ingrid users have the same information available simultaneously.

Easy data migration

As part of Ingrid´s implementation services, a migration feasibility analysis is performed for the customer’s available drawings. In general terms, Ingrid allows you to migrate drawings from kmz files or from georeferenced CAD.

Information available to the client

The client is the proprietor of the data, so said information is permanently available to them without any type of constraint. Drawings can be delivered in kmz format and objects information in Excel.

Ingrid Fiber Optics Module

Fiber Optics Networks Management

IngridFO, allows you to analyze network connectivity with simple diagrams: either for one wire path or wires within a tube, the wires within a cable or the wires that reach a node, the threads of a trunk or even the threads that come out of the patches of a hub. They are filtered by active, free, dark, damaged or reserved paths.

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