Ingrid Fiber Optic Module

Fiber optics networks management

Ingrid FO allows you to analyze network connectivity with simple diagrams:
either for one wire path or wires within a tube, the wires within a cable or the wires that reach a node, the threads of a trunk or even the threads that come out of the patches of a hub. They are filtered by active, free, dark, damaged or reserved paths.

It lists the clients.

It calculates the distances from the patch on each road, with the possibility of integrating with the internal plant of the company and the other network types within the model.

Both the navigation outline and the geography are synchronized. You can go to the beginning or end of a path, to the other end of one cable, to any element of a diagram, or to search for an element of the network, while simultaneously visually checking the geographic model. Using one or more monitors.

Designed for FTTx networks, Ingrid FO allows you to put splitters, MUX, DEMUX, it also allows you to model splitters in cascade, redundant nodes, links, etc.; all in a simple, fast and intuitive way.

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